You ought to know the fun things that happen when we’re on the road AND better yet, the great things that God does! Well, this is the place to find out what we’re really about.

Leave your comments & tell us how God has used Legacy Five to touch your life.

This is gonna be great!



22 responses to “About

  1. Chuck Burch

    I’ve followed you guys from the very beginning, and you are truly maintaining the very best aspects of Southern Gospel. Thanks for being a great spiritual encouragement!

  2. I have been a fan since I was 11… I am 21 now and love your music even more! The latest CD is AMAZING!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!

  3. We are big fans of L5. So glad you are singing. You are a big encouragement to us by your example and your music.

    We LOVE the God’s Been Good CD and the Just Stand CD!!!! Wow so much good music.

    We are singing tonight at a camp in Minnesota and will be singing some stuff from your repertoire!!! Thanks for setting the bar high for His glory!!!

    We love you.

    Craig Johnson
    for One Way Quartet

  4. Nancy Graham

    Hi Guys! Have been following you all since day one and even back in the days of the Cathedrals (Scott). You guys are absolutely the best. Keep singing and witnessing for the Lord.

  5. janet jones

    Is Debbie Bennett still included in your website information?

  6. Gaynell Leming

    Do I see Scott Fowler’s picture in the group. What happened to Scott….I love your music…..
    Keep it going….Gaynell Leming

  7. Very sorry to hear that Frank is leaving, but also excited about the new addition of Gus. I pray for Frank’s family through this difficult time and as he transitions. I know this is tough for him.

  8. Nancy Johns

    Hello Guys, You are my all time favorite group,I have followed you for many years and greatly admire your stand in this world today. I was @ Smoky Mountain Praisefest and ordered 2 Celebration dvd’s,however I have never received them.I was disappointed because I had planned to give them as Christmas gifts. If there is a problem I will understand. May God’s richest blessings be upon all of you. Nancy from Maryland.

  9. Carol Rhodes

    The first time I heard Legacy Five was in Meadville, PA in 2007, shortly before Roger’s death. My mother was also very ill that day, and died two weeks after Roger’s death.
    I have always wanted to see Nashville and took the opportunity to attend Celebration over Labor Day 2007. I had no idea what a blessing I was about to receive. You have been given a gift to reach so many people, and seeing all of those Christians in one room is an even I will never forget.
    Since that time, I have seen you several times in many different places. I am blessed by your programs and by the people I meet along the way. I feel each time I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to hear your wonderful music and witness your gift that brings Christians together and lets those who may not know about Jesus Christ learn about the wonderful gift of salvation.
    I saw your outstanding program in Lakeland tonight, and I look forward to seeing you in Meadville, again, in May. I must admit I miss Frank a bit, but at the same time, very much enjoyed hearing Gus. He is a good choice for Legacy Five.
    I just read the terrific news about Frank Jr. and also about Tim’s wife, Lori. Prayers have truly been answered.
    Thank you for all you do. Please continue for a long time to come.

  10. The Burkholders

    This is great to hear from your lives…May God bless you all strength and grace each DAY!1 Thanks for sharing with us!!

  11. Vickie Crain

    My friends and family attended the May 6th concert in Marion, IL and enjoyed every minute of the concert. I purchased three DVDs including “Live at Oaktree”. All your shows are excellent, however, “Live at Oaktree” is the absolute best. Keep up the excellent work.

  12. L5 , God keep Blessing the group , and keep The Good News Playing.I have followed you even on Catherdals, which I dearly loved and am fortunate enough to own a few of the video tapes of Catherdals, I loved you then and prayed you would do well . and God answers prayers. I am in my 7o’s now and the videos help me forget my aging and give me sleep! L5 has been a great blessing for me, as I have lived alone and homebound for a few years, gives me plenty of time to listen and grow in Gods love. looking forward to your new cds. I truly cherish Monuments from ways back. god grant you a successful and long live in Gospel Music,Jeanette,ceredo, wv

  13. Your truly inspirational music gives the listener every reason to smile. Your messages in the music are simple ones but at the same time very uplifting. Seeing you perform live like I saw you in London Ontario with my two young boys will go down as the Greatest live performance I have witnessed in my lifetime. Can’t wait to see you again in 2011! God Bless You All. Mark Graham.

  14. Linda Heaton

    I just wanted to thank you for the ministry of your wonderful music and your words. Your senses of humor make your concerts fun and your music makes them sensational. Thank you all for being wonderful men and musicians. God bless you all!

  15. Ed

    I wanted to say once again that I was touched by the story of Hanna and her mother. I was at the New Years eve celebration (which was the best event I have ever been to), and am still feeling overwhelmed with emotion. When you brought that little girl on stage with you and told how you had met her it was a moment I will never forget. The love you have for one another was evident and God certainly brought you to you for a special reason. Before even knowing who she was I noticed her pratically running over people to get to you at the L5 table just because she wanted to hug you. Your whole face would light up and I am pretty sure I saw tears in your eyes as well as hers. Now I know why. Please bring her back to the Memorial Day Event so we can see her again. I know God has something planned for her life with you being the instrumental one if helping her fulfill that plan. That bond you two have will never be broken and you are forever obligated to her. She is my hero!

  16. Betty Gower

    I love L5. Scott Fowler, you are a winner. I saw you with the Cathedrals for a long time. Heard George try to marry you off to single gals in the audience. It sounds like God had the best for you in Taryn. I saw you on the Alaska cruise playing with your oldest son. I love the stand you take for the Word of God, and also politics. You gave me an L5 bag in Stockton, CA and introduced me to Larry Ford. You are so kind. Love your voice and smile. I’m an old lady of 76, but go to see you whenever you are out our way. Looking forward, God willing, to seeing and hearing you in Visalia the end of April. May God bless you and keep you safe and singing for Him…I like all the other guys too. I love to hear the other Scott do Willie Nelson.

  17. Bonnie

    I attended the Memorial Day event with a group from my church. We attended to hear some good music but mostly to hear the updates on Hanna as she has been such a blessing to us. It was such a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this event to anybody who wants to experience God’s work first hand. We left feeling blessed beyond words.

  18. Mike and Betty

    Brother Scott, my wife and I were fixing to book our New Year’s Eve Event at the Gaylord and we wanted to know if you were bringing that little angel Hannah and Patty back again? We attend hundreds of southern gospel events throughout the years and the last two at the Garylord with L5 has been the best. When you brought these two young woman on stage there wasn’t a dry eye in the building. The holy spirit moved through that event in a way that touched my heart forever.

  19. Rebecca Gardiner

    Hey guys! Legacy Five is one of my all time favorite groups, next to the Cathedrals. I haven’t really gotten to be a huge fan of Southern Gospel Music until almost a year ago, but I have always loved music. I’m mostly a singer. I am in a lot of vocal ensembles, our church choir, and am taking private lessons. I hope to one day make a ministry out of what I do to reach my generation with music. I’m only a freshman in high school, so I have a little ways before I can travel, but I have strongly thought of making a recording when the right time comes. I will just have to see where the Lord brings me.

    The first time I ever heard of Legacy Five was on Youtube. It was in your guy’s early years, when Roger Bennett was still alive. The song you were singing was Heroes of the Faith. I knew right away that your group had a sweet spirit and zeal for serving the Lord. Then it was through you guys that I found the Cathedrals, and I fell in love with the music they presented.

    So anyway, thank you for 11 years of great service in this ministry and I hope to see many things come from Legacy Five!

    In Christ,
    Rebecca Gardiner
    Psalm 98:1

  20. Linda Krantz

    I Love your music and would like to know if there will be any tickets sold just for one night either Sunday or Monday for the celebration at Opryland Resort on January 1 or January 2. I realize it is a three day event but I live in Clarksville which is only forty minutes away and would love to come to see you all in concert if possible. Thank you for your time in advance. Linda krantz

  21. Jorden Zubke

    I’ve been a fan for a lot of years. Your songs have inspired me for all those years. Thank you for making me your number one fan. I sing your music at church specials and they continue to touch even more hearts . Dont ever stop coming to Brainerd!!!!! Im trying to get you to come to Brmidji too! Hopefully soon! Your friend jorden

  22. Be An Extra

    Message to Fans! Be an extra in Legacy Five’s Music Video for “Ask Me Why.” Here is how: http://www.sgnscoops.com/2012/03/02/legacy-five-seeks-fans-to-be-extras-in-ask-me-why-video/

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