Choose L5’s New CD Cover

Legacy Five is giving you an opportunity to help choose our next CD cover! You can cast your vote for one of the three photos below. Click on each photo for a larger image. Watch with us to see which photo will receive the most votes!



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47 responses to “Choose L5’s New CD Cover

  1. Lanette Currie

    Love the causalness of #3!

  2. scott

    be sure and “click” the option you want to vote for.

  3. rhiebert

    Number 3 is the winner in my eyes.I like the casual look.Yes,I have voted.:)

  4. Debbie

    Brings out the “character of actors” in you all better:)

  5. Darla

    I like #2 because it is a little closer shot.

  6. Emory Alexander

    I voted for number 3 because it projects the strength of each individual while retaining the unified look. Very nice, can’t wait to hear the album.

  7. Selena Babberl

    I am an aspiring Photographer and love how #3 is staged it adds depth to the photo but still keeps a professional edge. The first two seem very uninviting and closed off.

  8. I ❤️ #3…. I can’t wait for your new CD!! 🙂

  9. Too many groups use pictures that look like this. Be different. Use #2!!

  10. Gail EuDaly

    I like #2. Casual yet close up enough to see the guys faces.

  11. I like #3 but I actually voted for # 1. The crossed arms and happy faces show how pleased they are with their place in our World. Love them and their music. My library is growing!

  12. Carolyn Fultz

    #3 is too far away, I like the closer ones

  13. We wanted to vote for them all! You guys make it difficult, you know… 🙂

  14. Allan Merit

    I wish for a 4th without hands in pockets. You all look great, but hands in pockets look sloppy to me.

  15. Gerry

    I voted for #3 simply because it was a little different than #1 and #2. It looks a little more casual and relaxed !

    Gerry Worth

  16. Doris

    I like #2 because I can see the faces more clear, and you look very professional in your dress and grooming.

  17. I voted for 3. But, consider this: because #1&#2 are very similar… their vote will be split… making # 3 the winner… not necessarily because it’s the best; it’s just different than the other choices.

  18. Rick Sandino

    I voted for number 1 because I like the clser shots and just the hand position of the man in the middle! Love your music!

  19. I voted for #3, but can you Photoshop Gus so he doesn’t look quite so uncomfortable? I think it’s his hand that makes him look uncomfor… oh… wait-a-minute… hold on… Gus is doing the number 5 with his fingers! (Legacy Five!!!) I get it! ; )

  20. lydia Peters

    #3 is a great casual look,,,, relaxed and happy!!!

  21. Jane Hoover

    #3 – individuality then coming together as one sound

  22. They are all good, so I just closed my eyes & pointed and landed on #1.

  23. Alanna Black

    I loved all three of the choices, however, #3 was my favorite because the guys seem more casual…..Only wish it was a little closer. Anyway that can happen?

  24. Rebecca Gardiner

    Love them all! Can you fit them all in one?! Lol just kidding If I had to pick, it’d be #1

  25. I picked #3. It’s like a family! Each person touches lives and creates connections in different ways, but at the end of the day you all gather round the same dinner table. What do those Booth Boys say? “Welcome to the family, there’s always room for more.”. Love Legacy Five

  26. Turnbull's/Lenexa KS

    Love the pics, #3 is our favorite!

  27. Kathy Zeigler

    I voted for #1 because all of you looked really happy, and yes, even a little mischievous (which I am sure you are on occasion). Scott’s hands seem too prominent though but I can look beyond that. #2 picture didn’t seem to be as happy looking.

  28. Roma J Engdahl

    Like some of the other voters, I like the more unique #3, but it was not up close enough to see the faces SO, I voted for #1 because I think you all look very natural.

  29. janice scott


  30. Gail Grothe

    How long ago were the pictures taken? I like #1.

  31. martha miller

    # 3 looks great

  32. Kay Wangler

    I like Number 1. It looks more professional, friendly, and also casual!! Thanks for this opportunity.

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  34. June Hurst

    I liked #3 but I voted for #2. #2 is closer and #3 would hardly make an impact. Too small to see well.

  35. Matthew

    #1 or #3! Looking good!!

  36. Lucy Turpin

    Can’t wait to hear the new CD guys!! And one of these days I will see you all in concert. It’s on my bucket list 🙂

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  38. Allen barber

    Am I the only one that thinks photo #3 is reminiscent of the Strong in the Strength CD?

  39. mike branstetter

    I voted for #1. liked their facial expressions. #3 is too far away. I am sure it will be a great cd.

  40. R.W. Nethercot

    I like number 3 best. It’s the most natural looking. The guys are setup like bowling pins in the other two photographs. Scott’s crossed arms in number one, and the castled hands in number two, seem too ‘posed’. The castled hands is especially unnatural on Scott. Keep up all your great work for the Lord!

  41. Rose Thomas

    I agree with those who voted for view #3.

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