Do You “Count Your Blessings”?

In the past few years I have made a conscious effort to be aware of the little things that God does for me on a daily basis.  It’s often easy to recognize the big things that He does.  I mean really, how hard is it to notice when God steps in and does the miraculous on a large scale.  That for me is easy.  But I have been really concentrating on the little things that in the past I have just taken for granted.

 This all started for me when my wife came to me and took me by the hand.  She looked me eye to eye so I knew it was a serious moment.  I was braced for some sort of news, whether good or bad I wasn’t quite sure, but I knew it was something of importance because she wanted my full attention.  She looked at me and said “I love you”. 

 I was in complete shock.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I have a wonderful relationship and hearing those words is not an uncommon thing.  But the way in which she did it told me with certainty that it was being said this time with a special significance.  I responded the way most husbands would, with a questioned look and the words “what brought that on”?  Her answer is what started me on this journey.

 She said it was because of all the little things I was doing for her.  I had been home with a few days off so I was helping with all the typical house chores like dusting and vacuuming and laundry.  (She hates doing laundry)  I was also cooking the meals.  She wanted me to understand that she recognized my efforts and was extremely thankful.

 That was it, the start of a new way of thinking for me.  It’s the very reason I wanted to record the old hymn “Count Your Blessings” because that’s exactly what I began to do that day.  Here’s an example.

 I think most of you know that I own a studio in Nashville called The Vox Box.  I have had the studio for over ten years now and have been very privileged to work with a lot of wonderful artists throughout the years.  In the past couple of years I have scaled back my involvement in the studio considerably, but I still work quite a few hours on top of my travel schedule. 

 I knew that because of deadlines on projects I have been working on that I would be extremely busy over the next few weeks.  It’s very common during most recording projects to hit a snag or two during the process and that is what has taken place on the project I am currently working on.  So now I am trying to take every spare moment to make sure I meet all of my promised obligations before leaving for the Christmas Jubilee!  I explained to my family that I would be working a lot of hours and would not be able to do all the things that I normally would do with them. 

 So as I was sitting at the recording console one day this past week I got a text from my daughter Kylie.  She asked what time I would be able to break for lunch.  I told her about 12:30 and she said she would have it ready.  When I got to the house she had prepared a wonderful lunch and I was able to be back in the studio within 30 minutes.  What an incredible blessing!  But it didn’t stop there.

 That night around 6:00 my wife called my phone and said she was on her way home and she asked if I had planned anything for dinner.  I explained that I had not because of the studio work so she said she would take care of it when she got home.  My phone rang again at 6:20 and it was my wife.  When I answered I fully expected her to give me a rundown of what time dinner would be and what the plans were for the evening.  Instead she told me that dinner was ready and they were waiting on me.  I was shocked.  There was no way she could have made the drive home and had time to fix anything.  But all of my questions were answered when I walked thru the front door. 

 Tam was grinning ear to ear with a smile that only a Mom can have!  Our wonderful daughter had fixed an incredible dinner for the whole family.  She had done everything herself, including an incredible dessert.  My wife and I were so proud, but even more than that, I realized just how blessed I am to have a family who supports what I do and helps me with the craziness of my schedule.

 So I shared all of that to ask this.  What are some of the little blessings that God has given to you? 

 Until next time…..



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14 responses to “Do You “Count Your Blessings”?

  1. Mike Shaver

    Thanks for sharing. I really love L5 and have attended several concerts in CA over the years. I have just donated to L5’s new CD and cannot wait to listen to it. When counting my blessings I always include L5 for where would I be without God, His church and GREAT Southern Gospel Music.

    I have moved to the Austin, TX area and I hope L5 will come to this great beautiful area soon. Christian Love to you all, Mike

  2. rhiebert

    Gus,you are indeed a very rich man to have a family like that. This brought a tear to my eyes.It is all the little things that make our lives rich.God bless you,your family and all the families connected with Legacy Five.I am surrounded by little blessings.I have a comfortable home,money enough to pay the bills and a family who loves me.Praise God.

  3. BJ

    You are such a blessing to me Gus, Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Judy

    Thanks for this Gus! It was a blessing to read.

    Earlier this year, I got extremely sick and was hospitalized with only a 20% chance of survival. I was in the hospital for slightly over a month, had to have 2 major surgeries, and away from home for another month after I got out because I needed home nursing care I couldn’t get in my home town. During the month I was in the hospital, I could not take anything in by mouth and was completely dependent on others to help with every single thing I did. I’m still recovering and will be for awhile yet.

    This experience taught be to be thankful for little blessings I took for granted as every day things. Things like friends praying for me. I was so humbled by how many people were praying for me during that time. The drs had given up and told my husband that I was probably going to die. I believe it was all the prayers going up that saved my life.

    Things like a glass of water for an extremely dry mouth. I would have given anything to be able to have water to drink in the hospital.

    Being able to take a real shower instead of a sponge bath.

    Being able to walk around a store to shop. For the longest time, I was too weak to do much.

    The feel of sunshine on my face and fresh air. I wasn’t able to go outside the whole time I was in the hospital.

    Being able to hug my son and celebrate his 15th birthday with him. Being here to celebrate our 16th anniversary with my husband.

    And as weird as it sounds, I’m thankful for the experience I went through because during that time, I knew God was holding me close to Him. I would not want to go through something like that again…EVER…but I’ve learned that it’s through the trials and most difficult times that our faith is stretched and we can grow the most. I try to look at these times as blessings in disguise.

    I could go on, but I won’t. I don’t think I will ever be able to look at anything the same way. Every day, every breath is a blessing.

  5. Tamra

    we love being a blessing! your worth it! love you sweet man PTM!

  6. Anne

    That is a great post, Gus. We do have so many blessings from the Lord and sometimes we take them for granted. We had a special speaker at our church this morning and he preached on “When you know Jesus, every day is Christmas.” He used Psalms 68:18-19, stressing that God “daily loads us with benefits. I am thankful for everything God does for me, the little things and the big things. This past week, one of the men in our church brought his heat gun to church and fixed a dent I had put in the bumper of my van. Then another man came and took my window air conditioner out for me. When you live alone, this sort of thing is really appreciated.
    Recently my sister-in-law phoned me, said they were going to Williamsburg, VA for a week and invited me to go along with them. This was a very unexpected trip, but I thank the Lord I was able to go and had a wonderful time. So many times the Lord sends a blessing like this along that we are not expecting. Words cannot express how good the Lord is to us.
    I thank God for Legacy5 and the blessing you have been. You are my favourite group.

  7. Always thankful, but as looking back, now know the smaller things as the lady mentioned above, just to have a sip of water when U can’t have it.My husband was in hospital 1 mo with sudden diagnosis of rare cancer , then God took him home 70yr. Praise God for time together. ThankHim for being with me now. Thankful for grandchildren N family. Have followed Scott since his beginning in STL N before that with Cathederals concerts. Now seeing when can in Mo N Calif. Our love of L5 will always be.. Now have to depend on someone take me to concerts.. Daily kiss N hug your family, Say I love you. One never knows how quickly can depart. Prayers for all of you for safety. PTL for never wavering from bible N spreading gospel in song…. love thru Jesus, Lea H

  8. Rebecca Gardiner

    How sweet of your ladies to do that! It’s the best when you’re unexpectedly pampered. My favorite little blessing that God has given me is His answers to prayer. Sometimes when I pray, I expect God to answer back and say, “Ok, I can do that!” However, I know that sometimes, God will say, “Yes”, “No”, or “Not yet.” The latter two are the hardest for me, because my impatient flesh wants what I want and now! However, sometimes, God will tell us just to be patient with Him and trust that He knows what He’s doing. Sure enough, He blesses me with more than what I had originally asked for. It’s hard to wait on God and His timing, but it is well worth it!
    Thank you guys for your music! Continually praying for L5! 🙂

  9. Carl Holem

    Gus, upon returning from recording with L5 choir last week I had a chance to read your article, and find myself “Counting My Blessing ” more each day. What a blessing it was to be with all of Legacy Five ,the choir and the pro themself Lari Goss. Maybe a chance in a life time. I can truly say,” I’ve been blessed time and time again by L5 ministry . Thanks to all L5 members over the last 13years for the blessings.

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