Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder…..

Yes, it’s been a while since the last blog, thus the title.  Last week a friend came to the table at the Jubilee concert, you know who you are, and nicely reminded me that I had not posted a blog in forever!  He was right.  It has been a while.

 Rest assured it’s not because it wasn’t in my thoughts.  I just simply had nothing I felt was important enough to put onto the page.  Call it bloggers block or whatever, but each time I would try to write something it was a struggle so I simply did not force it.  But this week is different.

 I love what I am blessed to do for a living.  The travel is not really hard for me because we are blessed with a wonderful driver, Chuck Ryer, who does a fantastic job of making sure that we get from place to place safely and on time.  We get on the bus each night, grab some food, relax, and go to bed while he navigates the highways thru the darkness.  So we wake each morning in a new town that looks a lot like the one the day before and start our daily routine.

 Loading in the gear is never easy.  There is sound equipment and product that has to be carried from place to place.  It is set up and taken down every day.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff it takes to make an L5 concert happen.  I definitely could do without the pulling, pushing, lifting, and winding that is involved in our set up time.  But that still is not the toughest thing about our job.

 Without exception, the most difficult thing for any of us in the group is the amount of time we spend away from our families and home.  This is by far the most difficult thing we face on a daily basis, and sometimes we don’t get to be home even when we are home. 

 For example, a couple weeks ago we returned home late Sunday night, or early Monday morning depending how you look at it.  We then were in the studio Monday and Tuesday for Christmas Jubilee vocals with our good friends The Booth Brothers and Greater Vision.  While it was fun, it still meant two days that we didn’t spend with our families.  We then left out on Wednesday to head to our next concert.  So many times those “open dates” on our calendar are not truly open.

 Why did I share all this?  Because I wanted to tell you about an incredible group of people that very few of you know about.  Our families.  Behind each of us in L5 is an incredible support team, without which none of this would happen.  They work so hard in our absence to make what we do easier.

 Last week my beautiful wife Tamra had a birthday, and what a day it was.  Normally, when I’m home, I will fix her breakfast while she is getting ready for work.  We then get to have a few wonderful minutes together before she leaves for the day.  But on her birthday I was joined in the kitchen by our two children who helped me surprise her with her favorite breakfast.  We then picked her up at her office and took her for a wonderful lunch.  The day finished with a surprise dinner with family and a few close friends, one of which owns a beauty salon.  So after dinner all the ladies headed over for a couple of hours of whatever it is a group of ladies does at a beauty salon!

 My wife does so much for me that no one ever sees or knows about, and her efforts keep me doing what I do.  I am so glad that I was home to get to share in her special day.  This is just one of the wonderful people that each of us in L5 have at home supporting what we do.

 So the next time you say a prayer for us, remember each of our “support teams” in you prayers.  I know there are many of you who pray on a daily basis for Legacy Five and our families.   And I want each of you to know just how much we appreciate your efforts!



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16 responses to “Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder…..

  1. BJ

    Always praying my friend!!!!

  2. rhiebert

    I have prayed for the families and spouses many time and will continue to do so.They are as much a part of L5 as the guys are.On a side note,I am watching Louisville Live at this moment. Thanks for sharing Jesus with people daily.

  3. Matt

    Thank you for your blog. Always enjoy reading it…..let’s see, at this rate, we’ll enjoy the next one in and around February of 2014?? Just joking…..
    When you guys were in Winnipeg, I got to see some of the ‘behind the scenes’ process. Definitely a lot of work goes in to it. For what it’s worth your music is truly appreciated and I believe does make an impact on those you reach.
    Hope to see you guys again….travel safely!
    PS…..slightly O/T but do you know if the upcoming Cathedrals event in TX will be recorded/filmed? That will be an awesome time for sure!

    • lifting you all up in prayers. So agree about your wives, sometimes we focus on the group N push aside the support at home. But you all know they are always praying n look forward to next time home. Family has been unable to attend concerts for lost my husband suddenly to cancer few months ago. Looking forward to when someone can take me again . He so loved following Legacy 5 N for years before with George N Rodger. We say are from STL, Mo N in Calif lots of months. Maybe see you in Newport Beach, Ca… safe travels. PTL for your singing his praises…. Lea H

      • Gus

        Thank you Lea for your prayers. So sorry for your loss but remember that we grieve, but we do not grieve as those with no hope! You will be with him again! Until that time we pray for Gods strength and peace to be with you.

    • Gus

      Actually Matt I’m shooting for a January blog as we speak! Ha! As for filming the Cathedrals Family Reunion, there is no plan to do so at this point. Sorry!

  4. Anne Johnston

    So nice to hear from you again, it has been awhile. I do pray for you guys and your families every day. Wish I could be with you on Mackinac Island this weekend. After being there for four years, I really miss going, but won’t be able to this year. I trust the weather will be good and that it will be a great weekend. I pray the Lord will give you safe journey.

  5. Vera

    Thanks Gus. I have also missed your blog. Enjoyed your program Saturday evening in Bristol, In.

  6. Rebecca Gardiner

    Great blog, Gus! I’ve missed reading your posts, mostly because I’ve been away at summer camp working where there is no internet. Glad to see that all is well. Continually praying for you guys! 🙂

  7. Jeremy

    Well I have to admit this Friend of yours had given up on you! Lol. Ao i haven’t checked your blog till now and lo and behold a new post! I can’t even imagine how tough it would be being separated from my family as much as ya’ll are but I’m so glad ya’ll are willing to go and they allow ya’ll to go. That Jubilee concert was one of if not the best concert I have ever been to and I’ve been to several in my lifetime. Your bit with Scott H. and the movement #2 was hysterical. The whole night was awesome. I appreciate all the groups message and stage presentation. Ya’ll are a part of southern gospel music that represents well. Sorry the Jubilee Christmas tour is so far away this year. Maybe next year we can see it. God Bless and have a Great Holiday season!!

  8. Gregg

    Now if we could just get him to TWEET!!

  9. Carl

    Thanks Gus, its always good to hear from you all. God has supplied you with a great support team and something you can give him thanks for. Looking forward to the Kickstart project and singing in the choir. It should be great.!!!!.

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