A Visitor, A Lesson, and Making History…..

Before anyone says it I will say it myself. It has been a while since our last post here. It’s no ones fault but my own. It’s always easier to write a thought when you have it, but I have not done that. So every time I would sit down to put something together I would simply draw a blank. I realize that a lot of you that know me understand that I “draw a blank” quite often. In fact I’m pretty sure my wife will read this, laugh, and then post to confirm this very thing! So before she does, let me just say thanks babe in advance!

This week finds us with an extra person on the bus and it is a welcome guest. Howie’s son Grant occasionally rides with us for a weekend and he is entertaining to say the least! Howie’s humorous influence is ever so evident! But besides being hilarious Grant is always good to help us so be sure to stop by the table this weekend and say hi to him.

One of the things that I love about singing with L5 is that we rarely do a.m. concerts. As any tenor will tell you, singing the high stuff is difficult, but singing it early of a morning is incredibly difficult. But a few weeks back we were privileged to be involved in a morning service that the Pastor closed with a short sermon after we finished singing.

The topic for his sermon was friendship, and he gave one of the best examples that I have ever heard. He explained that your true friends are the ones that you don’t clean up the house for when they are coming over! When I first heard that I laughed, along with everyone else. But as the day progressed I kept going back to that thought and began to realize what an incredible truth there was hidden in the humor of that statement.

You see, true friends are ones that you do not have to try to impress. It’s not saying that your house has to be dirty to prove they are friends. But it does mean that you are able to be yourself with these people. In other words things don’t have to be all proper and in place for you to be comfortable with them being there.

My wife is a wonderful housekeeper, but our house is one that is lived in. Depending on the day, there may be CDs stacked on the dining room table or a game left out in the front room. For example, just the other night I was supposed to leave out on the bus. We had just a few hours left and a list of things that needed to be done. We got down to the last thing on the list but we decided to sit down and play a game together instead of finishing the list. Now I know that will upset some of you, but we had a blast together for that last hour and we finished the list when I returned after the weekend.

We enjoyed our time and I don’t regret that one little bit. We know what’s truly important. But would we have finished the list if someone was coming over or would it have been someone who could sit down with us and play the game? What kind of people do you have in your life? Ones who love and respect you for who you are or someone you feel like you have to “clean up for”. I want those who love me “as is” in my life for both friendship and guidance.

We are getting to be a part of history tonight as we are performing at the inaugural Memphis Quartet Show. I have to say that after my 5 years of singing with the Imperials here in Memphis, I am thrilled to see Southern Gospel Quartet singing returning to this area! We are so excited about being a part of this show and look forward to bringing great Quartet singing to Memphis for many years to come.

Until next time…..



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18 responses to “A Visitor, A Lesson, and Making History…..

  1. My standard comment is,if you’re coming to see a clean house,better go somewhere else,if you’re coming to visit and fellowship with me,come on in and put your feet up.Looking forward to seeing you guys in Red Deer,Alberta soon.Yes,I’m from Manitoba,but I am going to Red Deer to hear L5 and others.

  2. Anne Johnston

    What a nice surprise to check my e-mail and find your message. It seems like it has been a long time since we had a new one.

    I like what you said about having friends that you did not have to “clean up” for. I’ve always had the rule that if I knew someone was coming to visit, I would tidy up a bit more, but if they dropped in unexpected, I would not worry about how my home was. Of course, I always try to keep it reasonably neat and tidy. It is great to have friends who accept us as we are. I was thinking about this in relation to our walk with the Lord. It is important that we have a consistent walk with Him and do not have to do any “cleaning up” just because others are around. Jesus is our best friend, He accepts us as we are, but He wants us to live every day in a way that glorifies His Name.

    May the Lord be with you as you travel and minister this week

  3. Judy

    I believe you are right on with true friends accepting you for who you are and overlooking the small stuff. Two months ago, I landed in the hospital with some very serious health issues and less than a 20% chance of survival. During that time, even when I was unconscious, friends were constantly coming by to pray for me, taking meals to my family, and stepping in wherever help was needed. I was in the hospital for over a month and it will be a long recovery, but it was truly a humbling and amazing experience to realize how many people were praying for me and how many people I thought were mere acquantices, proved to be true friends. This experience has changed my outlook and I’m making it my goal to put people first, above any thing else.

  4. BJ

    Wish you would come visit, will give me a chance to be a pig and I would have an excuse! LOLOLOL

  5. Kathy Miller

    I believe that true friends can look past a dirty house when they come to visit. After all, life happens. But if you are a true friend to them, you would go out of your way to make sure that the house is clean before they come to visit. Honestly, I get embarrassed when people drop in unexpected and my house is dirty. If I can’t keep it clean from week to week, then why would I ever want to open up my home for bible study? Just some thoughts as to what motivates someone to do or not do the house cleaning.

    • Gus

      Good point Kathy. I think I should clarify the distinction between “dirty” and “lived in”. My house is very rarely “dirty” but often “lived in”. My true friends understand that not everything will be “showplace” condition when they come over, but they will definately enjoy their stay!

  6. Tamra Gaches

    I am going to be nice! LOL…..Lived in, Love that! You & our wonderful children are always happy to help keep it that way! CD’s, Ipods, Keys, books, ect….I can always write another “List” but special moments are worth ignoring it for, I’m always going to spend the “extra time” with our family, I can do a list when your on the road or hold it for you until you return, I want to be fair! LOL…..our friends love us just the way we are, and we love them for being just who they are. I remember very recently a few freinds that dropped by during construction, and I was wondering what to do, nail guns, screwdrivers, we were painting, we looked so lovely, I remember thinking, “this is awful, our home is a wreck”! I am sure I voiced it, their response “this is great, how awesome it will be when you are done! we had a great visit! and they still love us!
    I will take Lived in, filled with Love! and a list later! hmmm….by the way… Love You PTM!

  7. Edie

    I have a friend who used to say “you’re looking a little lived in”. Only a true friend could tell you that…huh? We all need friends like that and Jesus is at the top of the list.

  8. Raymond Curtis

    You are right. Love you all.
    Raymond and Ann

  9. Nelda/ James Johnson

    Really enjoyed your part of the program at the Memphis Quartet show. Hope y’all enjoyed the lifesavers.

  10. Lea Hulshof

    Scott N group… wanted U to know we haven’t attended for awhile… My husband was suddenly diagnoised with a rare liver cancer here in Calif. Several test were performed N repeated. Liver biopsy diagnosed it after 2 wks. Two more in hospital with record transfusions for internal bleeding. Friday nite he met Jesus with open arms peacfully after taking off respirator N on rx to keep somewhat sedated. His request was no more N no excessive tubes N such.. He was ready to go N get out of pain N unable to talk after goingon support… We are the faithful followers since originally from St Louis N caught yall few times here in Calif. N also Ozarks… He so loved you all N we were playing your songs along with Gaithers, Penrod, etc. which he so dearly loved as he took his last breath…. We will return to STL to have celebration N tribute to my beloved Bill 7/22 in Clayton @ Central Pres. church where he was on staff N retired 2 yrs ago. Was very suddenly thrown at us N still can’t believe it. He was only 70. He is greeting Roger, N the other guys with the angels…. Appreciate your prayers for me, his son, grandchildren N family . Pray for your safe journey N concerts. billnlea@juno.com

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