A Question And A Cabin…..

One of the most common questions I get at concerts is “so what is it like getting to travel on that bus?’  I think if every artist was honest the answer to that question would be “not very enjoyable.”  So why would anyone do this job?  Well, let me explain.


My family just returned from a quick little get away to Pigeon Forge.  We originally were going camping at the request of my daughter.  She turned 16 on March 23rd and I was in Canada.  So I told her that when I returned we would get away for a few days and celebrate her birthday.  I was truly shocked when she said she wanted to go camping!  But you have to understand that her version of camping is not the norm.


Those of you who know me probably realize that I am not the tent camping type.  So when Kylie says camping, she really means get an RV.  So I rented a trailer and we were all set.  That is until my wife found out that our rental agreement clearly stated no pets.  We then set out to try and find someone to keep our beloved dog Chewy.  When no one could be found my wife and Kylie decided to skip the trailer and get a pet friendly cabin.


All seemed to be great.  We are used to last minute changes in plans and we as a family are very good at just going with it.  What we didn’t realize was that because it was a holiday weekend, all the cabins were booked.  But once again my wife came thru and found a place for us to spend a few days.


When we arrived at the cabin we quickly realized that it was not what we were used to.  It was considerably smaller, and it had a lot of residences around it.  We generally try to find something that is somewhat isolated and we love to open all the windows and enjoy the view.  That was not possible with this cabin.  The view consisted of five single wide trailers and three private residences.  So needless to say the windows did not get opened and the only thing we did on the deck was cook.


But here is why I shared this.  WE HAD A BLAST!  Yes you read right.  We had an incredible time together playing games, enjoying the fireplace, talking, and just enjoying the blessing of being able to be together.  I am blessed with a family that enjoys each others company so truth be told, that cabin was perfect for us for that trip.  We focused on the fact that we were together and everything else seemed unimportant!


That is the best explanation that I can give for what it is like traveling on a bus.  It’s a small space, there’s no privacy, we don’t really get to see anything but the venue, and every exit really looks the same, BUT IT’S STILL THE GREATEST JOB ON EARTH!  I can only speak for our bus, but I can assure you that most of the people who are privileged enough to get to sing Southern Gospel on a full time basis would agree.


Everyone on this bus knows why they are here.  It’s because we know this is what we are supposed to be doing!  We are called to this life.  Each of us realize just how truly blessed we are to get to do this.  So everything else seems unimportant!  We also get the bonus of people who share with us how our music has touched their lives or helped them thru a difficult time.  It is truly a humbling experience!  What an incredible thing to be a part of.


Stay tuned for the next blog when I will share with you a few of the reasons I feel that right now is an exciting time to be in Southern Gospel music.


Until next time…..



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6 responses to “A Question And A Cabin…..

  1. Pat Goodberry-Dyck

    And it is evident in your ministry how much you all really enjoy being together. That can make such a difference to being effective. If there’s challenges within the group, or folks with their own agendas, it can certainly hinder the outcome. If everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goal – ministry is harmonious. Thanks to all of you for what you do night after night, week after week, and year after year! May God continue to richly bless your Ministry! Our God is Faithful!
    PS I certainly hope that beloved Chewy is getting some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Doggy Treats!!

  2. BJ

    It’s very clear where your priorities are Gus, and we appreciate that! It’s not always the case. There’s enough phony out there, but it’s nice to be greeted at a concert by someone genuine!

  3. Rebecca Gardiner

    Well, God does tell us that we are to suffer for Him, so the crowded bus is just the suffering part in His plan. 😉 So glad that you and your family had a wonderful time in Pigeon Forge. My sister and brother-in-law live in Knoxville, which is about 40 minutes away, so we always try to get over their for a mini-vacation. It is an absolutely beautiful place. Continually praying for Legacy Five! 🙂

  4. rhiebert

    Glad you were able to get away and spend quality time together as a family.I am also thankful that the guys in L5 are willing to put up with inconveniences and time away from family,to share the Gospel in song and word. Your ministry is a blessing to me and many others.I continue to pray for you all.May God shower His blessings on you,lavishly.

  5. Kathy Miller

    I totally understand the camping scenario! You happen to be talking to a family of campers — tent camping, travel trailers, out of the way places….we have so much fun playing cards, singing around the campfire, enjoying evening walks, elk watching, etc. I have also experienced the cabins and RV camping with close quarters. I am so glad you had good quality time with your family. What a way to celebrate a birthday! When I was 16, I lived for those family campouts. Still do.

  6. Anne Johnston

    Good to hear from you again. I am happy that you had a good time away with your family, Gus. It was nice to meet your wife and daughter on the Cruise. One of the things that I have always admired about Legacy Five is that all of you have high family values. You are blessed to have wives who keep the home fires burning and allow you to travel and be a blessing to so many. May the Lord continue to use you in His service. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Niagara Falls next month.

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