There’s A Mouse In The House…..

How’s that for a title!  There are two reasons for the mouse and neither of them is to do with Disney.


First, I have heard since I was a child that that elephants are deathly afraid of mice and there is definitely an elephant in the room.  So let me throw the mouse in now and deal with the elephant in the room.  Glenn is gone.  As most of you know he turned in his resignation and is moving on to another season in his life.  He was an original member of L5, and you don’t travel with someone on a bus without getting close to them.  So it goes without saying that he will be missed.


That also means that we now have to find a bass singer.  We went to Canada one member short and I have to say that I was proud of the way the group came together and carried on thru the week.  It went so well that now Gerald Wolfe and Michael Booth are searching vigorously for a bass singer for Legacy Five, because they do not want us to remain a trio!  Well, just rest assured that we will not be a trio for long.  We truly are looking forward to the person God has for Legacy Five.


Second, we from time to time have a stowaway that joins us on the bus.  Many times we have blogged about friends who ride for a weekend, but we recently had a stowaway that was not of the human kind.  I don’t know about where you are, but in Tennessee it has been extremely hot.  So many of the critters in the area are searching for a cool place to hide and beat the heat.We found one such critter on our bus last week. 


Scott was in the back lounge of the bus when he caught a glimpse of a mouse as it ran across the floor.  He opened one of the drawers under the couch to find that the mouse had made quite a home for himself.  There were sunflower seeds and small bits of food gathered in the back corner of the drawer.  I mean really, finding a bus full of guys would provide a “buffet” of mouse crumbs that would probably sustain an entire mouse colony!


So Scotty set a trap in the drawer and left it for our little rodent friend to find.  A couple of days later he checked the drawer and sure enough, his plan had worked.  The mouse was no longer among the living.  He carried it in the trap up to the front of the bus where he found young Trey sitting at the table.  This, my friends, is where it got good!


Scott, while holding the trap with the mouse in it, said “look, we got him!”  It was at this point that Trey began trying to climb an imaginary ladder that he for some reason thought was on the wall next to him on the bus.  All the while letting out a scream that could be matched only by a 6 to 7 year old girl!  The fact that the mouse was already dead seemed to completely escape him.


Now those of you who know Scott know exactly what happened next.  No, the mouse did not find its way to the trash, just the opposite.  Scott began to move the mouse closer to Trey, which caused Trey to climb the imaginary ladder that much faster!  It was then that Trey screamed out “I will buy your lunch!”  Immediately Scott turned and threw the mouse away, mission accomplished. 


At lunch Trey set down the rules that the purchase of lunch had bought him in regards to the mouse and all was well.  Trey felt safe, Scotty got lunch, and we had the mouse off the bus.  Everything was good!


So we are rolling this week mouse free, and everyone is buying their own lunch!  Keep us in your prayers as we go thru the search for a new bass singer.  We know God has someone that will be incredible!


Until next time…..



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31 responses to “There’s A Mouse In The House…..

  1. Pat Goodberry-Dyck

    Ahhhhh muffin!

  2. Kathy Miller

    I was expecting you to say Scotty was the one climbing that imaginary ladder. I remember the armadillo story! I will miss Glen. My prayers go with you for a new bass singer.

  3. Anne Johnston

    Enjoyed that story. Hope Trey bought Scott something with cheese in it for lunch.
    So sad to hear about Glenn leaving. He will surely be missed. Guess, we would all like to see the same group staying together. I have been praying that the Lord will send the right one along to replace him.

  4. This is too funny. I can picture the whole scene. Hilarious! L5 is daily in my prayers.God has laid it on my heart to pray for this group on a daily basis.God has a special person in the wings to fill the position of bass singer. Loads of blessings to L5.

  5. Coleen Jo Caldwell

    Dear L5 – Scott, Scott, Gus and Trey – God does have someone already ready to take the Bass position. And if I know the rest of you, the poor man won’t stand a chance – because “Cuz” sure didn’t – I don’t know – one time on a DVD I have Gerald Wolfe was singing bass – and he was pretty good.
    I too have been praying for you on a daily basis – I know God is with you (and you know that too) and will answer all our prayers with the best person for the job/life that you so willingly share to enrich the rest of us –
    God bless you – cjc:)

  6. Mary Jane Price

    Gus, you are a great story teller. We will surely miss Glenn. Poor Trey, he will probably be the one who gets the brunt of all the jokes. Y’all were already doing a pretty good job of it at the last concert in Marshall. Safe travels.

  7. Peter Mander

    I remember watching Jubilee 2 dvd and hearing Scott F tell a wee story about Mark Trammell and how he hated when he left the cathedrals because that was his group, I feel like that, you guys esp this paticular line up I just loved, tightness etc so Im gutted thankfully I got to hear Glenn in person over here in Northern Ireland! But Gods plans are best and will equally wait and enjoy the bass of His chosing!

    God bless
    Pete (n-ireland)

  8. BJ

    Too funny! Never would have guessed Scott be the one to take care of the critter! lol Tell Trey where there is one, there are MORE!!!!! Sweet dreams buddy! LOLOLOL

  9. Rebecca Gardiner

    I was so sad to hear about Glenn’s departure. God has a great plan in all of this, though, and prayers are continually with you guys.
    Hahahaha! Poor Trey! I guess that I could say I understand being in his shoes, but then again, I’m a girl. I hate any little things like mice like any other lady. I’m surprised Scott was not the one freaking out over the mouse. I guess, just like you said, the armadillo was enough for him. Did Howie give him the training not to get scared over the small things? After all, he was the one that put the armadillo on the bus. 😉

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  12. Nancy Wright

    Having experienced a great concert with L-5 (minus one) in Hartville this past week, I can vouch for the fact that they are a top-notch trio. My, but those boys are talented and entertaining! Yes, Gus was missed – he’s been such a gregarious fixture for so many years – but as Scott said, ” we may not like it, but things do change.” I believe that God knows exactly who their next bass singer will be and when theIn the meantime, prayers will continue. time is right, we all meet him.,

  13. Nancy Wright

    I’m not sure how the above post got so messed up! Tried to correct it, and nothing works – but – Gus was very much present throughout the evening, I talked with him at length. It was Glenn that we did miss. Then, if I may correct the last two sentences: I believe that God knows exactly who their next bass singer will be and when the time is right, we will all meet him. In the meantine, prayers will continue.
    Sorry about the above.

    • Hey Nancy! Thanks for the fix. When I read your first post I thought, wow, I don’t remember leaving the group! Ha! I truly knew what you were meaning all along and I am so thankful to God for allowing us to have such wonderful friends who care so much about the ministry of Legacy Five.

  14. Lola

    Gentlemen of Legacy 5 you are in my thoughts and prayers for safe travels and finding a new bass singer. Can not wait until you come back to the Phoenix area and to your families thanks for allowing a wonderful group to bless many families with their songs and testimonies.

  15. Legacy 5 Guys – Praying for you guys as you travel from city to city! Peggy and I are looking forward to seeing you Sunday, August 5th in Grand Prairie, TX. Henry and Peggy Bowdoin

  16. matt

    Great mouse story. Of course you know the best cure for a mouse is a cat. Surely you guys have a mascot on the bus, right? Well, how about a mas-cat??
    We will miss Glen. All the best in the search….the new guy’ll have big and low shoes to f ill.

  17. Georgia Womack

    That is a very funny story and I can actually see this play out in my mind.
    I love Legacy 5 and will be praying for your new Bass singer to arrive soon. I know God has already chosen him for you.
    Praying for you all,
    Georgia from Arkansas

  18. Jo Ewing

    I have loved you guys since the first time I heard you. Thank you for preserving the wonderful sound of Southern gospel music. We always attend your concerts in Oklahoma City (although on a couple of occasions we’ve been out of town), I was stunned to hear that Glenn has left the group. He was such a huge asset. Can you tell us what he plans to do next, or is it a big secret? Thanks.

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