FREE Election Day Song From Legacy Five!

Today Legacy Five encourages you to get out and vote. Furthermore, we ask you to be in continued prayer for our country and her leaders.

Listen to this encouraging song, God Is Still In America, written by Belinda Smith (God’s Been Good) and Ben Storie.

There’s a judge in Alabama who wouldn’t compromise,
A teenage girl in Columbine who said, “I believe in Christ!”;
All across the country are people just like these
Filled with faith and courage,
that’s why I believe,

God is still in America, God still loves this land;
He is still watching over us, we’re still in His hand.
From shore to shore and town to town
Is where believers can be found.
God is still in America.

Standing at ground zero where the towers fell,
With every soldier’s family at their front porch farewells;
The flood down in New Orleans couldn’t wash Him away.
He’s been our strength and comfort
And I know He’s here today.

God still lives inside the faithful,
God still rescues broken lives
And as long as I have breath to breathe
I will testify

God is still in America, God still loves this land;
He is still watching over us, we’re still in His hand.
From shore to shore and town to town
Is where believers can be found.
God is still in America.

God Bless us, everyone!
Legacy Five



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108 responses to “FREE Election Day Song From Legacy Five!

  1. Nate Stainbrook

    AMAZING song! Thank you L5 for recording such a powerful song; I can’t wait for the new CD that will have that song on it!

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  3. This reminds me of Diamond Rio’s “In God We Still Trust.” 🙂

  4. Nate Stainbrook

    NSF I agree, but only better… 🙂

  5. Maritza

    First of all let me say…Great Song!
    Secondly id like to tell u a disappointing story: In honor of election day I wore my “Who’s Side Are You On” t-shirt and when I went in to vote the gentleman; who would not look me in the eyes and was not very nice said that i would not be allowed to vote while wearing the shirt. He said I would have to put a jacket on or turn it inside out before I could proceed. I regretfully complied and proceeded on my way but I left very discouraged…what has our society come to that we can no longer freely display our beliefs or our faith??? God help us and turn us back into a Nation who is not ashamed of you!!!

    • Come again? I thought this was America! What a revealing story. I wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t complied?

      • Kim

        She would have been allowed to vote, but the head judge in her polling place would have made note of it in the Polling Journal so that if any protest were lodged, documentation would be provided for evidence. A Poll Challenger would have the responsibility to lodge an official Challenge. Please note, this would go both ways!

    • Heidi

      Maritza, God Bless you. You handled the situation with grace and integrity…unlike the man whom made you cover your shirt. Take care, friend.

    • Veronica

      Where did this happen ?? I copied and pasted your story on my home page on Face Book. I can’t believe that anyone would make someone do this !! I guess I wouldn’t have voted !! This is so WRONG !!

    • Kim

      Actually, I served as a Poll Challenger, and our instructions were that NO political signage may be worn in the polling place. It is to be a non-partisan, non-threatening place where each individual may vote without being confronted with potentially disturbing messages. While I am as conservative as they come, I’d have politely made you cover it up, too…

      • Veronica

        I would NEVER deny Christ for anyone at anytime. Even if you held a gun to my head !!

      • But, where in the statement on the t-shirt was any partisanship or any threatening message? Sometimes we tend to go overboard in order to make sure there’s no question as to whether or not we followed the rules.

      • Kim

        I would debate that a shirt in a polling place that asks about “which side” one is on could be very easily misleading, especially if one were easily aggrieved… People have their dander up anyway…

    • Susan Pate

      A number of years ago I went to vote in a local bond election. Being unware of the rule of not wearing anything that would sway a voter, I wore a t-shirt stating I was for the bond. I was required to cover it with a jacket. Most likely the gentleman was not aware that the message on your t-shirt was a Christian one. He probably thought it was a political statement therefore he was following the law by having you cover it up.

      • Maritza

        Wow, i can’t believe the overwhelming response to my story…Thanks to everyone who replied!
        It was never my intent to disturb the public or be ignorant regsrding the rule; I was more upset at the disrespect of the gentleman toward me than anything else!

  6. I think the reason why these lyrics really speak to me is that they encapsulate everything I try to convey to people who have a hard time grasping the idea that we can be Christians and still love, really LOVE this country.

    It is true that we have no continuing city here, and it is true that as Christians we are strangers in a strange land. Yet at the same time, I believe God still loves this land, and I believe we can still love it too, for exactly the reason the song talks about… because of the people who have made and are continuing to make her great. “Why does God spare us?” people might ask. I answer that he spares us for the sake of Ronald Reagan, and Judge Moore, and many more like them.

    May we never forget these people, and may we pray that others will rise to take their place in future generations!

    • Nate Stainbrook

      What you wrote is exactly the way I feel put into words; the writers of this song really put into song what alot of us Christians that still love America feel very strongly! Once again thanks L5 for recording this powerful anthem!

  7. Karen Thies

    WOW!!! What a wonderful inspiring song!!! I wish there were a way that you could release this song NOW as a single so that any and all radio stations around the United States could have the opportunity to play it, so it could be shared with as many Americans as possible.

    To me this song has a wonderful uplifing message for a country that has been battered and bruised for a long time now.

    God bless you guys!! And God bless America!!

    • Scott Fowler

      Karen…we anticipate the record company will release this song soon to radio stations, both gospel and secular, all accross America.

    • W.William Myers

      When I got L5s e-mail, I had not yet voted.After listening to that great song sung by an GREAT group, I read about the e-mail.Now I’m not one to take things like that lying down,SOO000 I have a T-SHIRT that says I’m a GOD fearin BIBLE believing ,GUN totin ,AMERICAN lovin, conservative. YES I DID, nobody said anything.

  8. L5Ropeholder

    Awesome song guys! Thanks for posting it!!!

  9. Karel

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing…God bless you all!

  10. Fred Smith

    This is a GREAT song!! I hope you conclude EVERY concert with it. It could become one of the “super star” songs of all time.
    Can’t wait to hear it on an album. God Bless You All.

  11. Al McNutt

    I’ve been to 2 Celebration events in Nashville & one in DC plus attended several of your concerts. You are true patriots & warriors for the Lord. God bless you!

  12. Karen Thompson

    This was awesome L5! Thanks for sending it out. I’ve forwarded on as well! I could listen to this song over and over again. Thank you!

  13. Marilyn Berry

    AMEN!!!! Beautiful lyrics and a great quartet singing them!!
    Well done. We need to hear this on 12/31/10.

  14. Eileen

    Fabulous, Thanks for doing this. See you in Pigeon Forge!

  15. Gwen Dennis

    Thank you Legacy 5…….we needed as Christians to be encouraged with this words and song on this election day. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!!!!!!

  16. Gwen Dennis

    Thank you Legacy 5 for this beautiful song. We, as Christians, needed to hear these words of encouragement on this election day and every day. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!!!!!

  17. "Brisket" lady in Texas

    AWESOME & very encouraging!!! Thank you for sharing on this very important election day!! Way to go, Legacy Five!!!

  18. Karen B. Bridges

    Many of us need this song to remind us that God is still in America, when we hear all around us of bombs coming in on airplanes, children getting kidnapped and raped, and husbands murdering their wives, etc. This song needs to be highlighted on your next CD so that more people will hear it and hopefully we will become a nation led by God with people helping people with God’s leadership.

  19. Adam Wallace

    That is a beautiful song.

  20. Patty Booth

    Thanks, guys. This is beautiful.

  21. Jim Smith

    Another hit guys…great job to everyone in L5…thank you for the encouragement on this election day…God Bless You…

  22. Sharon

    Love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in Kalispell in a couple weeks; really looking forward to it!

  23. Becky

    Thanks…this was very nice and I had to share it with some friends and family. I played it three times and as I type this my daughter is humming and singing it as she is doing the dishes and getting ready for work. You know it is a good song when someone begins singing it shortly after they have heard it. PRAY…VOTE…PRAY

  24. Ron Bishop

    Thanks Guys!!
    There is no one I respect more than you in gospel music today. You take a firm stand on all the things you believe about God and country. I believe Greater Vision is like that, too. I have become discouraged of late because of what has happened to our country. I spent my time in uniform during the Vietnam era and I am just saddened by how all the sacrifice could be wasted. Listening to your song encouraged me again. God bless and keep up the good work.

    • Scott Fowler

      Ron. Thanks for your nice comments….but most of all, thank you for your great service to our nation. We are indebted to you and your fellow servicemen and women.

  25. David Wickboldt

    Sadly, directly below your blog post is a google ad paid for by Alexi Giannoulias, democratic party candidate for Barack Obama’s old IL senate seat.

    Beyond that, fantastic song gentlemen, and hope to see you next time you make your way up to Illinois.

  26. David Fair

    thank you so much for this fantastic song. I truely believe god still loves America, but it is hard to sit and listen to those leaders who think 1/2 of the population is the enemy, and that are laws are not there to enforce if you can benifit from breaking them. We got turned around and need to get back on the straight and narrow.

  27. James Ross

    As usual L5 has spoken for me. When can we buy the music? Would you consider releasing this as a single purchase for down load?
    Please, I would love to have this for our Church

  28. Ruth Ann DeForest

    Thank you for sharing this great new song! We must continue to spread the Good News!….and may God continue to bless America!

  29. Nina Foster

    Thank you, Legacy 5, for this song. A note about the story above–as a former election inspector, I am sorry you had to put on a jacket, but the rules have to apply to all–and what some people would wear is certainly not appropriate in the election area. Sometimes we have to do things to protect the public as a whole. God bless you.

  30. Thank you for a wonderful song on this important day. It’s a privilege to vote and a privilege to live in America. You said it in a beautiful, meaningful way.
    Thank you guys!
    Paul Ferrin

  31. Turnbull's

    Why don’t you all consider this your theme song for 2011, truly America needs to hear this. What a wonderful patriotic way to end your programs across America. Thank you L5 for sharing this wonderful message today on election day. We love the song, can’t wait to see and hear it on your next CD.

  32. Julia Nordin

    Thank you!!! God is still in America and I am still proud to be an American.

  33. This is special whatever country you live in

    Thank-you for making it available.

    I have put a link on my Blog post today here

    and am about to put another link here.

  34. Irene Karns

    This needs put on Facebook

  35. Crystal

    Great song!!! Would love to hear an entire Patriotic CD from you guys!! Can’t wait to see you in Kalispell in a couple weeks!!!

  36. Rich Young

    I agree with Turnbull’s comments!

  37. Janet Daniels

    Great song, thank you so much for sharing. We need songs like this in these times when everything seems so bleak, it is so encouraging to hear God is still in America, and to take heart because God WILL take care of us. Again thank you so much. May God be with you all and bless you all abundantly.

  38. THAT WAS AWESOME!! Powerful lyrics and outstanding vocals 😉 . Thanks for sharing it with us! I wait to get the CD!

  39. Wanda Hizney

    So beatiful and so true. Can’t wait to get the CD.

  40. Nancy Smith

    All I can say is this song is amazing. Hope lots of people get to hear it. I am forwarding it to all my friends. Thanks L5. Hope you sing it at Praise Fest. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    God Bless You,

    Nancy and Elzie Smith

  41. Lori

    Great song. Thank you for posting it so we can enjoy it especially on election day. L5 still has it!!

  42. Ciera

    Very powerful! Thank you for posting it!

  43. Gene Rushing

    I Love the song. Election results looking good!! Looks like we are firing some people. Can’t wait til 2012 to fire one big one!!!

  44. Welton

    Amen ! How true Dear Lord ! Your with us and will Never Leave or Forsake us !! Praise the Lord !!

    How true this song is !!

  45. Amen ! The Lord will Never Leave or Forsake us !! How true this Is !!

  46. Celia Pettit

    Please put this not only on your next cd but also on you tube so more people will have access to it that wouldn’t normally go to your website.. A wonderful song for our great land.

  47. Donna Reed

    Thank you so much, it is encouraging to be reminded that God is still God..

  48. Rethie

    Thank you so much…what a great song especially in these times.

  49. Heidi

    Amen, my brothers! Well done! I love the song…God Bless!

  50. Linda Trout

    Thank you for an outstanding song!!!!

  51. Samuel

    This song reminds me of another Patriotic/Christian song called “Patriot of the Lamb”. What a song!

  52. Beverly

    Thank you for such a beautiful song. Something that we must remember God is in Control and He is watching over us. Keep up the good work.

  53. Jean Kelley

    Awesome song, and a great delivery by L5, as usual. Can’t wait to hear it in person next week at Praise Fest.

  54. Jean McCormick

    Oh, what a great song. Thanks for recording the Truth, that God still does care an is still very much in America. We just have to get back to believing and trusting and standing up for what we know is right. God bless you all. Jean

    • barbara yorgey

      thanks for reminding us ,that god is still in charge no matter what we hear on the news , god bless you .I will see you in lancaster pa next month. this is still the best country in the world to live. barb

  55. Bruce

    Praise God and Thank you God for L5

    Wonderful I hope that you will sing it next weekend at Sioux Falls, Marci and I will be listening


  56. Boyd

    Wow, that’ll bring a tear to your eye. Great tune!!!

  57. Mary Jane Price

    Awesome song. Keep singing it guys.

  58. Belinda Smith

    Hey Guys,
    Just heard the finished product. It sounds great. Thanks for letting me be part of what you do. Further, give Steve my compliments on the arrangement.


  59. Jo Ann Hammett

    Thanks, guys, for this song this election day! It is so affirming to hear that God is still in America, especially in song from my favorite gospel group! God bless you!

  60. Linda Reinolt

    This is a Beautiful Song!! Thank You!! Such a great way to remind each of us that with all the turmoil and stress – God is always there in love and watching over each and everyone of us. I Look forward to your concert and hearing this new song on February 27, 2011 in “Balmy” Chippewa Falls, WI

  61. Barbara Montgomery

    Scott Fowler, you and the guys do everything first class. That song was wonder, awesome, beautiful and it’s so true. God Bless You All

  62. I want to tip my hat to L5 for doing this beautiful heart felt song!! What a message it has within it. If Americans would rely on GOD and follow his leadership, either in or out of office, this country wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in !!!! I rank it right up there beside of Lee Greenwood’s ” GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. ” . The Heritage Quartet ( Rock Hill, S.C. ) applauds Legasy Five for all that they stand for and do under the leadership & guidance of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST !!! May God richly bless y’all for all you do!! We love you!!
    Darrell Duggins

  63. Dustin Clidence

    Great song! I LOVE it! When can we get it?

  64. This is a wonderful song guys. You would think the way people act today God has left America but I say America has left God!

  65. Abby

    This is a horrible song, ESPECIALLY musically. What year am I in? 1978? This is 2010–Casting Crowns or Mercy Me are quality artists–no wonder this song is free.

    And BTW–why are we continuing to worship at the feet of politics? Pyro post sums it up nicely:

    • Nate Stainbrook

      You can have your Mercy Me and Casting Crowns; I would rather listen to L5 any day of the week…

    • It is not a horrible song. Is it the greatest piece of music ever written? No. But to say that it is “horrible” is definitely an exaggeration.

      Yes, Casting Crowns and MercyMe have some good stuff. But not everything they’ve put out is all that great, and some of it is a lot worse than this.

      And BTW, we are not “worshiping at the feet of politics.” We are worshiping God and loving our country at the same time.

      Now, kindly take your ranting somewhere else. The “I am an internet troll” tattoo on your forehead is beginning to glow.

    • Katie crutchfield

      How could you say this is a horrible song?! You should be ashamed.. And we are NOT worshipping at the feet of politics. As New SoGo Fan said, we’re worshipping God and loving our country.
      And as far as Casting Crowns and MercyMe being quality artists, that is totally a matter of opinion.
      IMO, you’re not going to find a more vocally awesome, sincere, and Godly group than Legacy Five ANYWHERE!
      And you don’t see us posting all over your blogs about our dislike for your groups. So, kindly keep your opinions to yourself….

  66. Darlene

    What a wonderful song. I do hope we hear a lot more of it on the radio and TV. We should flood the air with it. I do feel that America has fallen away from her values, but God has always had a people and He still has Christians in America that still love Him and follow Him. Keep on bringing us those songs that encourage us.

  67. Katie crutchfield

    Scott, thank you guys so much for this song! I almost cried when I listened to it. The lyrics are definitely inspired. We need to do everything we can to make a stand and point ppl back to the foundation of this country, and that is God! That’s what our great country was founded on whether ppl wish to recognize it or not. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate your stand for God and our country. Just keep on keepin on!

  68. Can’t wait to hear you guys sing this in person. It is so good that it could become a National Anthem type song. Wish we had more of your music out in Colorado. We are starved for good gospel groups and music out here. All we hear is gospel contemporary and rock which is not what instills God into us. You guys are awesome. We love you.

  69. jim daniels

    great job guys. if only everyone in America could hear and believe this. keep up the great work and God Bless all.

  70. Kathy Miller

    Now that I have new speakers, I was able to listen to the song. What a powerful message! I loved it!!! I hope you will sing it at the Hemet concert. See you then….

  71. Beccie

    Great song hope to hear you sing it tomorrow night while in SD.

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