And the stories continue…..

Here is the third in our “song stories” installment.  This week it features Scott Inman telling the story behind our new song called “So Many Things To Thank Him For”.


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Round Two!!!

We are getting closer and closer to the release of “Great Day”!  Each week we will introduce the story behind one of the songs from the project.  This week features our very own “Freak of Nature” bass singer Matt Fouch and the song he contributed to the new project.  Just click the link below to see the video of Matt sharing the story.

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It’s Almost Here!!!

Thanks to everyone for helping us to select the cover photo for the new CD entitled “Great Day”. I am thrilled to say that it is being duplicated and it won’t be long until we are able to share it with all of our friends. To say that we are excited does not quite describe our feelings right now. We are so anxious for each of you to hear it!

As with all of our CD’s, we look for songs that move us, inspire us, and cause us to want to better our relationship with our Lord. We know that if a song does that for us, it will do it for those who hear our music. With that in mind we have decided to share some of the stories behind the songs from the new project.

We start this week with an incredible story written by Jimmy & Jennifer Layne that brought the song “He Heals” to us.

In October of 2007, Our son had been for several months having an issue with addiction to prescription pain medication (hydrocodone). He had began taking the medicine due to sporting injuries he had received in high school. He had turned 21 in July and was working part time jobs, so he had no insurance and surgery wasn’t an option. He had gotten married the October before, and his wife was going to college full time and also working a part time job. The addiction was beginning to take a toll on his marriage, so we didn’t know until later that Joey had gone to the doctor acknowledging that he had a problem, and the doctor prescribed him another medication to wean him off of the hydrocodone. We guess that he didn’t tell anyone because if he failed he wouldn’t let us down.

On the morning of October 11, 2007, My husband Jimmy and I were on our way to work and heard on the radio that there had been a terrible car accident on Hwy 111. I spoke out loud, “Somebody’s life is gonna change today.” We had just gotten to work when Jimmy got a call that Joey had been in an accident and was at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga. He and I worked for the same company in Downtown Chattanooga, and were just minutes from the hospital. When we got there, we knew it was bad, but had no idea of what was to come.

Joey had been driving to work that morning when he fell asleep at the wheel. We later learned that he fell asleep because he had mixed hydrocodone and the pill that doctor had given him to wean him off and this was a side effect that could happen. According to a witness, Joey veered off the road and then jerked back onto the road. When he did this it caused his SUV to start flipping, and Joey was ejected out of the car and landed head first in a concrete drain. The impact of the hit caused two things. One was a blood clot on the brain and the other was a mucus plug in his lung to jar loose. Joey was breathing on his own, but unresponsive when the ambulance arrived and he was airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center.

When we arrived at the hospital we met with the Neurosurgeon who told us that emergency surgery was necessary to remove the blood clot on Joey’s brain. The doctor didn’t know if Joey would live through the surgery, but told us he would certainly die without it. Joey was at this time in a coma, and on a ventilator. He had to have a portion of his skull removed due to swelling of the brain and in case they needed to do further procedures. Joey made it through surgery, but then we were told that he had an extreme amount of brain damage. Most of it was caused when the mucus plug in his lung was jarred loose, it kept the exchange of oxygen from taking place in the lungs, and Joey had gone 20-25 minutes without much oxygen getting to the brain.

The next few weeks were spent literally minute to minute.Joey was still in a coma, unable to breathe on his own, swelling of the brain, fevers that weren’t treatable because they weren’t caused by anything (the brain was tricking itself) and on and on. Coma’s range on a scale of 1-11, 1 being the worst and Joey was at a two. As any parent would react we were scared,hopeful, hurt, confused, prayerful, mad and heartbroken. We were told that it if Joey lived there was a less than one percent chance of a normal life. You just had to know this kid. Never has there been a sweeter boy that has ever lived. He loved with his whole heart and had been blessed with the gift of being a peacemaker. Soft spoken and kind. A friend to anybody who needed one. Yet, here he lay.

My husband, Jimmy came to a point where he wanted answers and he wanted them now. He prayed and prayed, and when no answer came he completely broke down one night. At the top of his voice he asked me, “Why? Why was God just letting Joey lay there?” His earnest prayer from the beginning had been for God to heal him, or take him, but God hadn’t done either. WHY was this boy just laying there, suffering so? All I could say to him was this…. ” I don’t know. I’m not God and I don’t know what the plan is, but I do know there is one.” A couple of days later I wrote part of the song, “He Heals”. My husband needed help and this was the only way I knew how. He needed to be reminded that there is a plan, and that most of the time we don’t understand it. He needed to be reminded that sometimes,healing doesn’t just take place how we want it to. Often times, we don’t even realize the way healing moved in our lives until we look back.

Joey remains to this day in a vegetative state. He is 27 years old now. We have learned that the words to my song are true: “He heals, broken hearts, broken bodies, broken minds. He heals, by His love, by His blood….and in His time!”

I know you’re hurt, I know you’re angry, I know you don’t understand.

Why you’re here, How did this happen, How can this be part of his plan?

Well, I don’t know what he knows, So I can’t tell you why.

But I know the love He shows, And His ways confound the wise…and…

He heals, broken hearts, broken bodies, broken minds

He heals by His love, by His blood, in His time.

I know the pain, I know the waiting, I know you feel all alone.

And there’s no words to be spoken, That’ll make sense of it all.

You may be standing in the rain, but the sun will shine again.

You may not feel like it now, but He has you in the palm of His hand.

He heals, broken hearts, broken bodies, broken minds

He heals by His love, by His blood, in His time.

Hold to God’s unchanging hand. Hold to God’s unchanging hand

Build your hopes on things eternal! Hold to God’s unchanging hand.

He heals, broken hearts, broken bodies, broken minds

He heals by His love, by His blood, and in His time.

And in His time…..He’s right on time!

A big thank you to the Layne family for sharing this story and for letting Legacy Five record this incredible song.

Until next time…..


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Choose L5’s New CD Cover

Legacy Five is giving you an opportunity to help choose our next CD cover! You can cast your vote for one of the three photos below. Click on each photo for a larger image. Watch with us to see which photo will receive the most votes!


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Do You “Count Your Blessings”?

In the past few years I have made a conscious effort to be aware of the little things that God does for me on a daily basis.  It’s often easy to recognize the big things that He does.  I mean really, how hard is it to notice when God steps in and does the miraculous on a large scale.  That for me is easy.  But I have been really concentrating on the little things that in the past I have just taken for granted.

 This all started for me when my wife came to me and took me by the hand.  She looked me eye to eye so I knew it was a serious moment.  I was braced for some sort of news, whether good or bad I wasn’t quite sure, but I knew it was something of importance because she wanted my full attention.  She looked at me and said “I love you”. 

 I was in complete shock.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I have a wonderful relationship and hearing those words is not an uncommon thing.  But the way in which she did it told me with certainty that it was being said this time with a special significance.  I responded the way most husbands would, with a questioned look and the words “what brought that on”?  Her answer is what started me on this journey.

 She said it was because of all the little things I was doing for her.  I had been home with a few days off so I was helping with all the typical house chores like dusting and vacuuming and laundry.  (She hates doing laundry)  I was also cooking the meals.  She wanted me to understand that she recognized my efforts and was extremely thankful.

 That was it, the start of a new way of thinking for me.  It’s the very reason I wanted to record the old hymn “Count Your Blessings” because that’s exactly what I began to do that day.  Here’s an example.

 I think most of you know that I own a studio in Nashville called The Vox Box.  I have had the studio for over ten years now and have been very privileged to work with a lot of wonderful artists throughout the years.  In the past couple of years I have scaled back my involvement in the studio considerably, but I still work quite a few hours on top of my travel schedule. 

 I knew that because of deadlines on projects I have been working on that I would be extremely busy over the next few weeks.  It’s very common during most recording projects to hit a snag or two during the process and that is what has taken place on the project I am currently working on.  So now I am trying to take every spare moment to make sure I meet all of my promised obligations before leaving for the Christmas Jubilee!  I explained to my family that I would be working a lot of hours and would not be able to do all the things that I normally would do with them. 

 So as I was sitting at the recording console one day this past week I got a text from my daughter Kylie.  She asked what time I would be able to break for lunch.  I told her about 12:30 and she said she would have it ready.  When I got to the house she had prepared a wonderful lunch and I was able to be back in the studio within 30 minutes.  What an incredible blessing!  But it didn’t stop there.

 That night around 6:00 my wife called my phone and said she was on her way home and she asked if I had planned anything for dinner.  I explained that I had not because of the studio work so she said she would take care of it when she got home.  My phone rang again at 6:20 and it was my wife.  When I answered I fully expected her to give me a rundown of what time dinner would be and what the plans were for the evening.  Instead she told me that dinner was ready and they were waiting on me.  I was shocked.  There was no way she could have made the drive home and had time to fix anything.  But all of my questions were answered when I walked thru the front door. 

 Tam was grinning ear to ear with a smile that only a Mom can have!  Our wonderful daughter had fixed an incredible dinner for the whole family.  She had done everything herself, including an incredible dessert.  My wife and I were so proud, but even more than that, I realized just how blessed I am to have a family who supports what I do and helps me with the craziness of my schedule.

 So I shared all of that to ask this.  What are some of the little blessings that God has given to you? 

 Until next time…..


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Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder…..

Yes, it’s been a while since the last blog, thus the title.  Last week a friend came to the table at the Jubilee concert, you know who you are, and nicely reminded me that I had not posted a blog in forever!  He was right.  It has been a while.

 Rest assured it’s not because it wasn’t in my thoughts.  I just simply had nothing I felt was important enough to put onto the page.  Call it bloggers block or whatever, but each time I would try to write something it was a struggle so I simply did not force it.  But this week is different.

 I love what I am blessed to do for a living.  The travel is not really hard for me because we are blessed with a wonderful driver, Chuck Ryer, who does a fantastic job of making sure that we get from place to place safely and on time.  We get on the bus each night, grab some food, relax, and go to bed while he navigates the highways thru the darkness.  So we wake each morning in a new town that looks a lot like the one the day before and start our daily routine.

 Loading in the gear is never easy.  There is sound equipment and product that has to be carried from place to place.  It is set up and taken down every day.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff it takes to make an L5 concert happen.  I definitely could do without the pulling, pushing, lifting, and winding that is involved in our set up time.  But that still is not the toughest thing about our job.

 Without exception, the most difficult thing for any of us in the group is the amount of time we spend away from our families and home.  This is by far the most difficult thing we face on a daily basis, and sometimes we don’t get to be home even when we are home. 

 For example, a couple weeks ago we returned home late Sunday night, or early Monday morning depending how you look at it.  We then were in the studio Monday and Tuesday for Christmas Jubilee vocals with our good friends The Booth Brothers and Greater Vision.  While it was fun, it still meant two days that we didn’t spend with our families.  We then left out on Wednesday to head to our next concert.  So many times those “open dates” on our calendar are not truly open.

 Why did I share all this?  Because I wanted to tell you about an incredible group of people that very few of you know about.  Our families.  Behind each of us in L5 is an incredible support team, without which none of this would happen.  They work so hard in our absence to make what we do easier.

 Last week my beautiful wife Tamra had a birthday, and what a day it was.  Normally, when I’m home, I will fix her breakfast while she is getting ready for work.  We then get to have a few wonderful minutes together before she leaves for the day.  But on her birthday I was joined in the kitchen by our two children who helped me surprise her with her favorite breakfast.  We then picked her up at her office and took her for a wonderful lunch.  The day finished with a surprise dinner with family and a few close friends, one of which owns a beauty salon.  So after dinner all the ladies headed over for a couple of hours of whatever it is a group of ladies does at a beauty salon!

 My wife does so much for me that no one ever sees or knows about, and her efforts keep me doing what I do.  I am so glad that I was home to get to share in her special day.  This is just one of the wonderful people that each of us in L5 have at home supporting what we do.

 So the next time you say a prayer for us, remember each of our “support teams” in you prayers.  I know there are many of you who pray on a daily basis for Legacy Five and our families.   And I want each of you to know just how much we appreciate your efforts!


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A Visitor, A Lesson, and Making History…..

Before anyone says it I will say it myself. It has been a while since our last post here. It’s no ones fault but my own. It’s always easier to write a thought when you have it, but I have not done that. So every time I would sit down to put something together I would simply draw a blank. I realize that a lot of you that know me understand that I “draw a blank” quite often. In fact I’m pretty sure my wife will read this, laugh, and then post to confirm this very thing! So before she does, let me just say thanks babe in advance!

This week finds us with an extra person on the bus and it is a welcome guest. Howie’s son Grant occasionally rides with us for a weekend and he is entertaining to say the least! Howie’s humorous influence is ever so evident! But besides being hilarious Grant is always good to help us so be sure to stop by the table this weekend and say hi to him.

One of the things that I love about singing with L5 is that we rarely do a.m. concerts. As any tenor will tell you, singing the high stuff is difficult, but singing it early of a morning is incredibly difficult. But a few weeks back we were privileged to be involved in a morning service that the Pastor closed with a short sermon after we finished singing.

The topic for his sermon was friendship, and he gave one of the best examples that I have ever heard. He explained that your true friends are the ones that you don’t clean up the house for when they are coming over! When I first heard that I laughed, along with everyone else. But as the day progressed I kept going back to that thought and began to realize what an incredible truth there was hidden in the humor of that statement.

You see, true friends are ones that you do not have to try to impress. It’s not saying that your house has to be dirty to prove they are friends. But it does mean that you are able to be yourself with these people. In other words things don’t have to be all proper and in place for you to be comfortable with them being there.

My wife is a wonderful housekeeper, but our house is one that is lived in. Depending on the day, there may be CDs stacked on the dining room table or a game left out in the front room. For example, just the other night I was supposed to leave out on the bus. We had just a few hours left and a list of things that needed to be done. We got down to the last thing on the list but we decided to sit down and play a game together instead of finishing the list. Now I know that will upset some of you, but we had a blast together for that last hour and we finished the list when I returned after the weekend.

We enjoyed our time and I don’t regret that one little bit. We know what’s truly important. But would we have finished the list if someone was coming over or would it have been someone who could sit down with us and play the game? What kind of people do you have in your life? Ones who love and respect you for who you are or someone you feel like you have to “clean up for”. I want those who love me “as is” in my life for both friendship and guidance.

We are getting to be a part of history tonight as we are performing at the inaugural Memphis Quartet Show. I have to say that after my 5 years of singing with the Imperials here in Memphis, I am thrilled to see Southern Gospel Quartet singing returning to this area! We are so excited about being a part of this show and look forward to bringing great Quartet singing to Memphis for many years to come.

Until next time…..


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